Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A funny little thing...

So, a funny little thing happened the other day. I got up the nerve to start my blog after probably a year or more thinking about it. I have next to zero knowledge about blogging, except for reading quilting blogs all.the.time. So I am a total newbie.

It will definitely be a learning experience for me!

I can remember when I first started quilting that I was simply overwhelmed by the new vocabulary that comes with quilting --- selvedge? WOF? UFO???  Now I feel "fairly" confident I have some idea what I'm doing, at least with quilting. Blogging is a whole new ballpark for me. I freely admit to having no idea what I'm doing with a blog. I hope to have fun here and you are welcome to join me!


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  1. Just scrolled through your posts while sipping my first cuppa.....was surprised to get to the beginning so quickly! You have a lovely blog. Keep up the good work!


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