Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pressing Matters

Recently, there was a discussion on a forum I participate on regarding pressing HST's. All kinds of advice was offered, from the way to make the HST's, to ironing surfaces, steam or no steam. Boy if you want to get quilters riled up, just go and start a debate steam vs. no steam. But I digress... The bottom line is, and most seem to agree, that pressing your patchwork is the right thing to do.

Well I have a newsflash for everybody. I'm not a presser. I'm an ironer. I try, I really do, but the reality is I don't have time to stand there and gently lift my iron up and down, resting it atop the patchwork and then continuing on. I move my iron right across that patchwork, with steam more often than not, and you know what, things work out just fine.
And, if I ever figure out why I can't upload a photo, I'll post some pretty pictures for everyone to see, too.


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