Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pulling from the Stash

Bundles from the stash!
Well, perhaps I have figured out how to post pictures! Dumped the desktop Internet Explorer and resurrected my old laptop, installed Firefox, ét voila peeps. A photo upload without locking up the platform.

A short while back (ummm, not telling exactly when it would be embarrassing*) I decided to clean up the sewing room. Naturally I didn't clean much but instead lovingly pulled bundles from the stash, petted them and photographed a handful. I do this periodically because 1) I love all my fabrics and I'd rather do this than vacuum, and 2) bringing out my bundles helps me see them in different ways.

See that bundle up in the top right? It's actually a FQ bundle I purchased from Fabricworm (sadly now sold out). The line is called Chérie by Frances Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics. And it's awesomeness. In a wonderful inspired moment, whilst pulling my bundles I set that wood grain fabric near Chérie and it totally works together.  I also found a little aqua FQ that was meant to be with Chérie. Chérie is one of those lines where I am waiting for the perfect pattern before I cut into it. I was delighted to add some more FQ's to my little stash of it. Sometimes avoiding vacuuming pays off!


*OK, it was before Easter. And three UFO's later. ;)

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