Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WOW I was nominated!

A great big hug to Lea Anne over at Podunk Pretties for nominating this newbie blogger for the One Lovely Blogger Award! If you aren't already familiar with Lea Anne, seriously, hustle and get yourself over to her blog. Not only has she welcomed me as a new blogger, she has more quilting ideas than I could ever hope for.  She makes applique looks easy, not to mention gorgeous. She shares her patterns and how to's, like, all the time. Plus she has an awesome dog, so that makes her aces in my book.

The rules of the One Lovely Blogger Award are pretty straight forward; 
1. Thank the person that nominated you, and provide a link to their blog
2. Share 7-10 things about you that your readers may not know,
3. Nominate 10 bloggers for this award, (you can nominate more or less, it's all about  fun not rules)

Since I'm so new, here's your chance to get to know me a little better!
1. I'm taller than my husband!
2. I used to have horses, but I don't anymore. I really miss their breath, horse breath smells sweet and clean like hay. It puts puppy breath to shame. My garden really misses the manure!
3. Speaking of my garden, I love to garden. It's tough in the high desert compounded by drought, but I'm adapting. My favorite garden plant is a pumpkin. I just love a pumpkin. Even the word pumpkin is great. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pumpkin.
4. I started quilting in late 2011. I used my aunt's old green metal Singer, which still has a better stitch than most modern machines I've tried.
5. Birds weird me out. I think the main reason is that they can just fly any which way and you really can't predict where they'll go. And once a pelican flew into my head when I was at the beach. 
6. I'm an only child. I mostly played by myself when I was little, and as an adult I'm kind of "meh" about socializing. I don't feel the need to be surrounded by people all the time.
7. My dogs are my kids (besides the actual two legged kid).
(l) Curly and (r) Ben

Ben is A LOT bigger than he was in this picture. He was only 8 months and easily 50 lbs. smaller here. Curly is 6 years old, and has gotten much more tolerant of this ginormous pup.
8. I've been trying not to eat sugar, but giving up Sour Patch kids is hard. Really hard. 
9. My husband is really supportive of my quilting habit. By this I mean he stays away from my sewing room, and if he does venture in, he wisely doesn't comment on the chaos. But when I finish something and show it to him, he nods and says, "yeah", which is a really high compliment!
10. My cutting table is an oak kitchen table my grandfather made that my mom had her sewing machine on for years. The table went with me to college, and I've had it ever since.

OK, now the hard part. I don't really know any bloggers! Is it weird if I just randomly nominate someone who doesn't know me from Adam? Geeze, this is a lot of pressure! But I think I will nominate:
Minding Momma because she was the very first person to comment on my blog, and I will forever remember that! and,
Sew Preeti, because I (kinda) know her from the Missouri Star Quilting Forum, and she's a super busy professional who still finds time to quilt and she offers great advice on the forum, too! 


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I will be posting my list this week.



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