Saturday, August 8, 2015

Procrastanation and a Photobomb

I had a small conniption fit the other day, and announced to all present (the dogs) that I was sick of our benches. You see, we have these built-in benches in our family room to either side of a gas fireplace. And they are pretty bland looking. I chose our wall color, which I still like, but the benches needed a little pizazz. So I dove headlong into the stash, and stacked my pulls on the bench to see what I liked.

And then there was the most adorable photobomb (IMHO). My littlest baby came over to see what his momma was doing.
He's only the littlest in terms of age, 16 months. And he's my quilting "helper". He likes batting. A lot. I have to make sure the tote is securely shut at all times.

I finally did choose some fabric out of the stash, and took a quicky trip to a fabric warehouse for pillow forms. While there I hit the jackpot with two remnant home-dec fabrics and some garnishes that matched with my stash pulls. I've made up 5 pillows so far, but no photos yet. It's total procrastination on my part, not finishing off the quilts I've already started. I just couldn't tolerate the benches anymore. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

mmmmm...tasty fabric

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