Monday, August 3, 2015

A Tacky-Chic UFO and WIP Parade

Marcus Bros. Aunt Grace Ties One On D9P
All righty then, here is a bit of a UFO and WIP parade. I've been feeling under the weather this last week, and hardly any sewing has been done. I didn't feel like doing a thing. So I proudly present to you a UFO and WIP parade of sorts. This isn't even all of them, just the ones I could get to easily (i.e. not buried under fabric, batting or who knows what).

Up first is a nice little D9P (above) I've been working on for.ever. I arranged and rearranged and went totally OCD with the block placement. It's far to big to fit on my design wall, so I used the "design bed". I think I wore a hole in the carpet walking around and around making it just so. As for the fabric, "Aunt Grace Ties One On"  I grew to love it. While browsing with my mom, I found (4) 8" layer cake packs in a sale bin for some ridiculously low price, so I swooped them up. We kind of thought they were so tacky they were chic. ("Tacky-Chic" is that a thing? It should be a thing!) I have intentions to hand quilt this one, with heavy perle cotton. The basting process is what's holding me back. I just don't wanna.

JR plusses
 I recently started on something simple for my husband. And the result is these JR plusses that I'm making. I blogged about them before, here and here. They are so simple to make, the cutting is taking longer than they sewing. I could easily finish if I'd just get my rear in gear.

Another D9P "grandma's bathroom"
Another D9P, and in a departure from what I normally stash, in shiny fabrics. I have 9 blocks made up and fabric cut for more, I just haven't re-started the project after I put it aside. I'm tentatively calling it grandma's bathroom, because my grandma's bathroom was shades of lilac, white and green.  It was a lovely, cool, relaxing room, a real ladies room.

I finally had enough scraps!
And then we have this little sneak peak. This is my first ever 100% scrap quilt. I just love seeing scrap quilts, but I never felt I'd accumulated enough scraps to do what I envisioned. I cut out all the squares, there was no strip piecing and cutting this baby. Yeah, I'm showing the seam allowances and not the pretty front, mostly because I didn't want to unfold the darn thing. And it's a surprise for later when I finish!

I'm planning on finishing the JR plusses first, but after, which should I tackle? Thoughts? And what about you - what lovelies do you have tucked away waiting?


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