Friday, October 30, 2015

Candy Corn Bunting - Easy Peasey Friday Finish

My mom and her sisters have a traditional October girls' reunion that always includes a craft. So while my mom and dad were visiting us this October, mom and I had a craft.

We made candy corn bunting!
The jars atop the mantle are canning jars, filled with candy corn and a dollar store emergency candle. Very cute and easy if you're looking for a cute and easy decoration. (Side note - I cannot wait to take a sledge hammer to these stupid granite tiles around the fireplace.)

After mom left, I went ahead and made another bunting. Because it's not possible to have too much bunting. Here it is, in it's temporary position below the candy corns. Eventually I'm hoping it will go outside, on the wedding arbor. That's right - there is going to be a Halloween wedding here!


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