Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Halloween Pumpkin Funk

I have the funk. The quilty funk. Nothing quilt related appeals to me at the moment, not even fabric shopping. 

I've been thinking off and on about why I get in these little melancholy quilty moods. Why nothing in the fabric stash appeals, no UFO begs to be finished, and not even online fabric shopping gets my heart to pitter patter. I've been reading quilt themed mystery novels from the library to jump start my quilt ambitions, to no avail.

I've concluded, that at least for the time being, my answer is HALLOWEEN. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I've  been spending days and days deciding how to decorate for Halloween. I've been making crafts here and there, checking in at the $1 store for spooky little odds and ends that are cheap, cheap, and cheap. I've now used a glue gun, people. It was a trans-formative experience. I want to glue gun everything. Since all my creations are more or less coming to fruition now, I'll start sharing them with you.

To ease into the crafty messiness, and tie in somewhat to quilting, I'll begin with my fabric pumpkins! I grew exactly two pumpkins this year. One heirloom sugar and one Jack Be Little. In my best year I had 30+ pumpkins, so this was a major disappointment.  I NEED pumpkins for Halloween. As in many pumpkins.

My fabric pulls went from a sweet, lovely semi organized folded bunch to this chaos...

 Then out of the jumbled mess arose this...

which became this...

 Then this...

I've got my own little patch of 'em, 

I hope you enjoyed my pumpkins - I just love them to pieces. Alright, I'm off now to erect my frames outside for Halloween decorations in the front yard.


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