Thursday, February 11, 2016

HST Baby Quilt

We have another baby coming in the family, and I puzzled for quite a while as to what to make. I wandered into a LQS and saw the cutest little fabrics in the fat quarter sale bin. They have skunks! Any fabric that is cute and that has skunks on it is aces in my book!

I matched the print with some solids, some of which are also new additions to the stash. 
Center = Woodland Tails Owls in Cream by Sheri Berry for Riley Blake
Everything else is a Moda Bella solid, with one *exception*. They are from clockwise, Amelia Apricot, Parchment, Celery, Soft Yellow (? I think), Betty's Teal, *American Made Brand* Periwinkle, Little Boy Blue, and Breeze.

I decided, as usual, to make this up as I go. So I made up a bunch of HST's. There are as many ways to make HST's as there are ways to arrange them! I decided to use my trusty ruler from Fons & Porter.

That's right, I used a pencil. This is straight up old school here.

And I pinned. I figure that the amount of time it takes me to pin is less than I would spend constantly checking the alignments as I chain pieced. Off I went...

..and had a few trimmings to show for it. (Always with HST's, right!)

The big reveal will have to wait. The HST's are not the end of things though. I plan on getting my "Podunk" on, and doing some... applique. Dum dum dummmmm. Lee Anne makes it look so darn easy, and I need it for this quilt. So. Stay tuned. It could get real crazy up in here.

In honor of my cute new woodland additions to the stash, I'll be linking this post up with the Glittering and travelin' Molli Sparkles and his guest host for Sunday Stash!
Molli Sparkles
Oh - and this quilt? It's patiently laying out on the guest bed waiting for it's last border to go on.


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  1. I am guessing the fabric with the owls you will fussy cut and use the solids around them? It doesn't matter. The collection you posted looks really lovely together. Glad I found you via Molli Sparkles.


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