Friday, February 19, 2016

A windy, windy day

By some miracle, we haven't lost power at the house today. This morning's weather report called for "a weak system to move through the area this afternoon, and clear out by this evening." Umm, no that is not what happened - at all. It is SO WINDY! two power poles fell down, one just north of the house, and one to the south, and somehow we still have power. Thankfully! because I have a pot roast in the crock pot. 

Awwww skunky HST's
Anyway, I've been making some progress on the next baby quilt. I even ran out today and picked up fabric for the backing. The unusual (for me) aspect of this one is that I'm doing a little applique. And boy did this quilt need it!

It's cute, sure, but it was really lacking in the pizzazz department.

It's a pumpkin!

I really like the way the applique extras are coming along. It's adding so much to the quilt! Every time (it's rare) that I do applique, I think how awesome it is, how I can make any shape I want, and why don't I do this more often?

Then I get to the blanket stitching. Ah, yes, the blanket stitching...

Looks pretty good... but...
How tedious is the blanket stitching? Will it ever end? Why did I do this? I mean it just goes on forever. And I'm not even doing a lot of it.

Ben totally agrees, blanket stitching is soooo dull. 

Curly's OK with it.


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