Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Birds and Bees Baby

You know what happens with the birds and the bees, right? You get a baby! And my cousin is having one, their first, this winter.
My sewing machine was due in for it's first year service, and while I was there at the LQS, I did some wandering around. I have been looking at the cute birdie fabric for a while now, but it's directional and I kind of steered clear of it.
Finally, I decided I would have a use for it, if I did a tumbler quilt. I auditioned a few fabrics, and stuck with a pink and green palette. One fabric has the most adorable little bees on it, hence the name. Funny thing is, I didn't set out to create a birds and bees quilt. It wasn't until I had all my bolts laid out on a table in the shop that I realized I had. How cute is this!?
This isn't my first tumbler, so after a few initial misalignments and seam rips, I got my mojo back and all has been well since.
Here's the progress so far! And, here's a secret - I don't even know if they are having a girl! (They'll be learning the sex soon.) I just thought this was so cute I was determined to make it anyway. These pics are washing out the pinks and making the green more pea soup than it is, trust me, it's adorable!

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