Friday, February 26, 2016

Picots, Prairies, And Pffffs!

Confession: I never knew what a picot was, until just a few minutes ago. Our son has a quilt his grandma made him when he was a baby, quilted by hand and bound with prairie points. He's always referred to the points as "picots". I just thought they were a funny name he'd given them, but he says that is what his grandma always called them. So, I looked it up, and a picot is a decorative loop edge in embroidery or lace. Well, what do you know!

Pinned and ready to go.
I've totally snuck this little quilt in, and whoo hoo! it's actually finished! My mom asked me to make a little baby quilt for a friend of hers who is a first time grandma.

I showed the flimsy to my husband who said it was nice, 'and you know the baby would like those little pointy things to stick his fingers in'. The little pointy things being picots, or prairie points, depending on your perspective. I did have a pile of leftover scraps from the front of the quilt, and suddenly they had a purpose! I could use them all up as the "little pointy things".

Sewing these on was much easier than I anticipated.
Everything was going great, and then, I got to the end of the scraps. I needed 58 points, I had 55 and I was 12 square inches short. Now, I knew I could go back to the LQS, and find one more FQ. But... This particular LQS, which I love because they've expanded and they carry tons of great stuff - has now put in a little heater gizmo in the back that pfffffs out a scent every 45 seconds. After five minutes in there I had a miserable headache that stuck with me all day. Later, when I ironed the pfffff smell was still embedded into the fabrics! Needless to say, I chose not to go back and deal with more pfffffs. 

When there is no clothesline, use a fence. The quilt is ~ 35" x 40" before the addition of the prairie points.
Instead, I raided the stash for 12" of something similar. The little quilt was cute to begin with, but the prairie points really added some fun factor to it. A great suggestion by the husband. So I've been pondering, do husbands actually know best? Hmm mm...

Photo shoot outtake with Curly!


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  1. Oh I totally get it about the scent in the store. I hate malls for that very reason (well also because they are loud, crowded and generally unpleasant!) But the smells, from candle stores, all the scented lotions and body products. Yuk. Totally gives me a headache. I wonder if it is worth mentioning? If the LQS is losing business, at least yours, maybe politely saying something???

    Love the quilt. I have never done "pointy things" :-)

  2. So fun and cute! Love the prairie point boarder.

  3. Absolutely adorable! I love a quilt with prairie points!

  4. You made this quilt for our grandson, Heather

    This is the adorable,colorful, fun and engaging quilt you made for our grandson! You are a talented and gifted quilter, Heather! Your creativity will live long and strong in our daughter's family. Thank you for such a memorable gift! Thanks to Trisha, too, for requesting a quilt from you! Hugs!


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